June Self-Care

May was the month of Mental Health. And it’s okay for me to realize that my mental health is not where I want it to be. My thoughts have become negative & obsessive, I am unhappy most days, I’m lost with what I want out of life, and feel that everything has become too repetitive that I need to change something.

So for the month of June I’m working on slowly getting myself out of this slump. Here’s how:

Go for more hikes & walks.

It’s amazing how much your mood will improve just by getting out of the house and hiking/walking in nature. So, I will try to go on at least two hikes this month and walk on the trails surrounding my house when I can’t make it to the conservation areas.

Limit technology one hour before bed.

You know that endless scrolling before bed. And it’s damaging our psyche. No one posts their real life on Instagram. They post the moments that make them happy and it’s not helping us mentally because we feel we are not achieving the ideal lifestyle that THAT person has. To get over this, I am cutting off technology around 9pm at night. Airplane mode: ON.

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Which brings us to #3. I will aim to read three books this month. Let’s cut the technology out and read before bed! Going to finish Thrive by Arianna Huffington, Beartown by Fredrick Backman and Ashley Bell by Dean Koontz.

Start Journal-ing again

I used to journal almost every day and I remember that it did help me mentally. You are able to write down your stresses and what felt good about the day. Let’s get back into that habit Victoria.


We shall start with those four self-care tips for June and see how it goes.

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