Wednesday Listens E32

One of the artists I came across in 2020 was BabyJake. Introducing one song I love from him: MadHappySad

To me – this song encapsulates all the emotions someone in your life provides you. It’s about that person that when they give you attention, you are on top of the world. Then the comedown follows when they start drifting away making you mad for following the pattern, and eventually sad when they are absent. The vicious cycle repeats until you finally make the difficult decision to say goodbye.

The second song I leave you with is from Sampha. I came across this song after watching Insecure (which has a killer soundtrack each season). Sampha is a song artist, writer, and producer working with a number of musicians (Drake, Kanye West, Solange). Incomplete Kisses is one of the tracks from his first LP Process (released in 2017).

Incomplete Kisses is a song about a love not fully realized, but despite the song suggesting a missed romantic connection, it can relate to other aspects of our lives. What parts of your life are you over-analyzing and opportunities are you missing out on? Sampha is telling us to be spontaneous.

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