Wednesday Listens E33

Well folks, my last Wednesday Listens post was back in January… holy! And let me say, a lot has changed since then.

If anyone knows me, music is a big part of my everyday life. With all the changes that have happened since January, music has been a big factor in guiding me through the redirection of many areas of my life; it helps validate what you’re feeling as you can find songs that relate to what you’re going through. Aight… with avoiding getting too personal with the context let’s get to the recos:

“Bubbles” – Hippo Campus

Hippo Campus have an interesting sound and I would love to see this song live. Fair warning – the bridge grabs you by surprise. Intention here being, from what I take from it, is that you have all of these things to say that they come out all jumbled out – your thoughts are bubbling over if you will. I paired this song often with “Buttercup” which is another favourite. Good for those that need a real boost to tackle their day.

“t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l” WILLOW feat. Travis Barker

Honestly, I’ve checked out a few more of WILLOW’s songs and her music has developed since “I whip my hair back and forth” days. Her latest album – lately I feel EVERYTHING brings on a more punk-rock vibe which is awesome to see how versatile WILLOW just is. Be sure to check out “Wait a Minute!” which has more of a psychedelic indie/chill vibe to it.

“Treat Me Like Fire” – LION BABE

Came across LION BABE a couple of months ago on a playlist and discovered I’m very late to the game (song came out in 2012). Regardless, happy with the discovery of this unique R&B duo.

If you like the above recos and are looking for a nearly 6hr playlist spanning back to oh 2016 and is completely all over the map: follow this playlist on Spotify here.

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