Wednesday Listens E31

Oooh I haven’t posted one in a few weeks my loves. Let’s get to it, shall we? Because my thoughts have been driving me crazy lately!

One of my all-time favourite tracks off of the VS. mixtape. Bastille pairs with HAIM to bring us listeners to a delight of a soundtrack.

You don’t have to look any further//I’ve been waiting here for you for time//You don’t have to look any further//You’re missing what is right before your eyes

Hits it right on the head? Doesn’t? Once you realize the lyrics basically describe your life, you also realize the beat is super sick, and gets ya grooving in time.

“falling for you somehow”

The latest single from Milky Chance brings up some stellar beats. Milky Chance want their newest album to show the development of the band. Instead of pure electronic sounds, we are hearing more of a rock tone.

I love this take on Ellie Goulding’s “On My Mind.” I like how it’s less “pop-y” and there is more percussion.


Realizing the direction of this playlist, oooops. C’est la vie. Sadly.

Wednesday Listens E30

Exited to see where this Toronto band goes. They give off a Runaways or Heart vibe. I love the bad girl feel to the song, and the keyboard tune? Yeah can’t deny those excellent sounds.

Which leads us to The Runaways. An iconic group breaking traditional feminity stereotypes in rock n’ roll. Look at these badasses on stage.

Another strong all-female group is HAIM. Three sisters with some stellar bass face if you watch ’em live. They’ve got strong vocals and work great together.

Wednesday Listens E29

Oh wow. I haven’t posted one of these in a few months. I do apologize. So to get things back on track, here are three tracks that have been on loop this week.


I’m really excited for this Swedish artist. Her debut album will be legit fire. Her tracks bring out raw emotion that no one wants to say out loud. Her vocals are unique and are definitely strong. I have listened to this song on repeat, I love the beat during the chorus, and the piano is complimentary.

Be sure to check out her debut single, “Tired of Talking.”

“If it’s love, it is rough. Why am I, not enough?”

Jessie Reyez

A Canadian artist that is making her mark with this strong single. Again, another female with raw emotion. This song is about being in love with someone that treats you poorly. A feeling most can relate to.

The xx

Glad to see The xx back with this single “On Hold.” A song about a broken relationship. The title suggests that the relationship is “on hold” much like a person being “on hold” on the phone. Do they stay on the line to wait for the call to resume, or do they hang up?

Fun fact: Hall & Oats is sampled in this song during the chorus.

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Wednesday Listens E28

Music is the one thing keeping me sane. It’s a very important aspect in my life, and apparently I have crafted a Wes Anderson style theme this week. Can he direct my life?

Father John Misty and “Real Love Baby” feels so good to listen to. There’s a nice relaxing tone to the piece, and the lyrics are also nice to sing along to. In a way, it is like “Here Comes the Sun,” somewhat up that alley? I think it’s because of the layering of guitar and vocal feedback.

Kaleo is just a good rock band to jam out to. They are in fact visiting Toronto the end of July, any takers for this concert? “No Good” is by far my fave track off of A/B. There’s a great guitar riff and the drumming is on point.

Came by this track off of Spotify, and I am so happy I did! Guitar is calming in this track along with the lyrics. His voice is oh so relaxing.


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Wednesday Listens E27

This week only features two tracks. But, two amazing tracks.

I like to stay ahead of the music curb, so call me a music snob if you will. But let the record show I am showing you this band before they are big. Kaleo are going to be huge, and I am so looking to see their success. Indie folk band from Iceland. Some songs give off a Lumineers feel, others remind me of Bon Iver. They are without a doubt, musically talented. VOCALS are very pleasing.

One of my favourite memories is seeing these cuties at the Opera House two years ago! The small venue made their sound even bigger and more intimate. The crowd that was also there were truly there for the music, so it was a nice scene. KONGOS are a group of brothers, who have lived in South Africa for most of their life. However, were born in London, and are now based in Phoenix, Arizona! They have a good, alt sound, and aren’t afraid to bring the accordion into play. One of my fave songs off Lunatic is “I Want to Know.” Because, who doesn’t want to know?

Wednesday Listens E26

I’ve been trying to figure out the direction I wanted E26 to take. I’ve decided, like always, indie alternative was the way to go, with a focus on Canadian musicians (#CanCon represent).

I’ve heard “Oh Cecilia” on the radio a few times, and kept meaning to write the band down as I could never find it when I searched later on. Man oh man is this song catchy and has a great sound to it. Like Kathy Byers, this song is a good tune to dance to. It has a smooth sound to it, and has an intoxicating feel too.

What adds to the fun? Kathy Byers is a dancing crossing guard in Toronto, and Born Ruffians are from MIDLAND. That’s right, Midland, Ontario. Some good ‘ol Canadian boys, no wonder I love their sound.

The Zolas are another favourite Canadian band, and I always find comfort in their music. This is a nice track that brings homage to Toronto. The Zolas always have strong lyrics with multiple meanings.

Down for getting dark cause the dark gets me//And all the other lovers make it so heavy//Takes a little emptiness to feel complete//When crowds come ever-thicker and liquor it comes free

You may have already heard “Swooner” on the radio, I know Indie88 has been playing it. It’s the title track off the album, and it’s also pretty swooooonish. Don’t you just hate it when someone swoons you? Swoon, what a good word.

Ahhh I have a mild crush on Half Moon Run. Their guitar strumming and plucking is seriously so in line with their tight drumming. Like The Zolas, Half Moon Run also has solid lyrics with deep meaning. I just can’t help but be in love with their second album.

Thank God for good music, eh? It really does keep me going, which is why I share it so often.

Wednesday Listens E25

Music is so important in our lives. As someone who overthinks, music allows me to express my thoughts in a way that I cannot.

Next songs are chosen based on their depth of lyrics and the ways it allows the following artists to express themselves.

Recently discovered this amazing Aussie, Chet Faker (Nicholas Murphy). The bearded beauty is only 27? And writing skills are superb. How I would describe the music Chet Faker puts out is electronic bluesy (if that makes sense). Slower temp, with a good base track. Besides this lyrical masterpiece, check out “Gold” and anything he’s paired up with Flume.

1975 are back with more of an 80s feel for their second album. Lot poppier than their debut album, more use of colour and faster tempos. “Ugh!” is a good number,  and can be interpreted in numerous ways. Is he talking about unrequited love? Perhaps, but I think Matthew Healey is discussing his experience with drugs >> “The kick won’t last for long.”
They will be on SNL this Saturday with Larry David! It should be pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Okay the two previous songs do no justice compared to Leon Bridges. Oh oh oh, have you heard him? Love the Motown vibes. I’m perfectly speechless because his voice, wow. It does not feel like a song from 2016, ya know?

Wednesday Listens E24

So I may not have posted for a couple of weeks. Apologies. SO I make it up with three stellar picks that have been playing nonstop this week.

Here I am sitting in my car, ALTNATION on the radio when this beauty starts playing. I mean, Nothing But Thieves, please to meet you. Your lyrics are on point. I love how the sounds travel back to some good classic rock. They remind me of Muse with the muffled vocals, with a hint of The Strokes with the beginning guitar riff (sounds like Reptilia in a way). This number will be on repeat for the week.

Also, the video is artistically beautiful.

Catchy beat with this remix. ODESZA brings more layers to ZHU’s song, and creates a nice song to put on when you just want to zone out.

Love this remix of West Coast. No. Other. Words.

Wednesday Listens E23

So I may not have posted music last week… but I have a great lineup for you today.

Oh hey Neighbourhood. Glad you are back with a solid album. The verses alone had me.

Miike Snow is starting the month off great with this track. Super catchy base – as always – with some clever (albeit controlling) lyrics.

I absolute adore this album from The Wombats. This song, plus “Greek Tragedy” are my favourite. It’s something from the pure emotion that gets me.

Wednesday Listens E22

Coldplay is back with a strong single. Love the groove to this song, lyrics are on point, and the beat is sick.

If this doesn’t get you dancing, then you have no joy in your life. Saint Motel are a hidden gem, can’t wait to see big things happen for these guys!

Driving home to this song is powerful. Seriously, try it.