Dean Koontz “Odd Hours”

So this book picked up from page ten? And didn’t stop there. The last few chapters, I was sitting in Starbucks reading – as one would – and all I could think of was: “Wow, the people around me don’t even know how intense this is, and it’s not like I can just open my mouth in full disbelief of the amount of things happening at this moment.” It was that good.

And seeing as this this has become a habit of mine – dogearing pages to lovely words – here are some quotes that I came by that raised some eyebrows.

One line quotes that stuck out from this reading adventure:
“I’m just a girl who thinks too much.” pg. 13
“All things in there time.” pg 99
“Loss is the hardest things,” I said. “But it’s also the teacher that’s the most difficult to ignore.” pg. 252
“What will be will be.” pg. 327
“Half a century goes by in what seems like a year. Don’t waste an hour in boredom, son, wishing for tomorrow.” pg. 331

By far my favourite line written by Dean Koontz thus far:
“I was in the Hall of What Would Jesus Do, where I ran past a child’s drawing that I had not noticed during my previous passage: Jesus in a helicopter, rescuing livestock from a veal farm.” pg. 359

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