Dean Koontz “Saint Odd”

My favourite series is complete, and I don’t know where I go from here. I absolutely love Odd Thomas as a character. He has wit, humour, emotion, and just a sense of realness.

Alas, it is time for me to say goodbye to Odd Thomas as his adventures are complete. The final book in the series is brilliant, and brings us back to the first book, finally sealing the horrors that we as readers witnessed in Odd Thomas.

There really is nothing else to say about this series, except that it is fantastic. I think this is Dean Koontz best series and his best character. Aside from maybe a few other novels (The Husband, Intensity and Velocity) Odd Thomas beats the rest.

The writing flows, is real, and is a page-turner. Just look at how long it took me to read Tick, Tock compared to Saint Odd, and you can see that you should pick this series up!

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Dean Koontz “Tick Tock”

20160420_133439I have read a fair amount of Dean Koontz by now; he’s one of my favourite authors. Tick Tock is a short novel following a crazy night of events for Tommy Phan. Tommy Phan returns to his home one night, after turning down his mother’s invitation to eat a traditional Vietnamese dinner. Upon returning to his house, he finds a rag doll with black stitches for eyes and mouth, and an X over the heart; he brings the doll inside.

Tommy’s night from that point on changes as a terrifying entity emerges from the doll, determined to kill Tommy. Tommy has until dawn to survive. If he reaches dawn, the entity will disappear.

Unfortunately, the book was not my favourite Dean Koontz book. (Maybe I’m just too engrossed by Odd Thomas’ life to move on to other characters?) The ending was a tad anti-climatic, and to be honest, left me unsatisfied. Sure, it made sense, but I thought and was expecting more from Dean Koontz.

“Reality is perception. Perceptions change. Reality is fluid.” pg. 126

“Whatever you expect is what will be, so simply change your expectations.” pg. 176

“Because reality is what we carry in our hearts, and my heart is full of beauty just for you.” pg. 335

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Dean Koontz “Deeply Odd”

Deeply Odd is more emotionally straining than the other books. Given that children are the main focus, be prepared to become teary-eyed. Odd’s world is becoming more complex and it will be interesting to see where this goes in the final novel.

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Dean Koontz “Odd Apocalypse”

Odd Thomas is quite possibly my favourite character. As this if the fifth Odd Thomas book in the series, I was not disappointed. This book is more supernatural (I know right, how can that be when Odd sees ghosts) than the rest, and has many crazy elements.

Carrying off from Odd Hours, Annamarie and Odd find themselves at Roseland estate (built by a Roaring 20s Hollywood Film Maker). In typical Odd Thomas fashion, Continue reading

Dean Koontz “Odd Hours”

So this book picked up from page ten? And didn’t stop there. The last few chapters, I was sitting in Starbucks reading – as one would – and all I could think of was: “Wow, the people around me don’t even know how intense this is, and it’s not like I can just open my mouth in full disbelief of the amount of things happening at this moment.” It was that good. Continue reading