Shanna Mahin “Oh! You Pretty Things”

This is not your typical “beach read” and should be regarded as more than that. Sure, the plot-line is perhaps more so on the basic side, and the reader is left with a feeling of “oh but do give me more,” but the book is nonetheless entertaining, funny, and will teach you a lesson on people. What I draw away from this reading experience is this: that people are complex; they lead complicated lives, they hide secrets from others and sometimes from themselves, and nearly everyone is critical about themselves.

Jess Dunne is a sarcastic thirtysomething who’s third generation Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean she’s in the business (though her Mother tried). When the opportunity strikes, she begins work as a personal assistant for C-list composer, drawing the attention of a B-list approaching A-list actress.

Jess Dunne’s estranged mother enters the picture wanting to wiggle herself back into Jess’ life, especially with fame looming around.

I found that I connected to Jess. The sarcastic writing, thoughts running through her mind constantly, how she approached situations, it was refreshing to read a character I could and can relate to so much.

These lovely words caught my attention:

“We all in this together, yo. Our people make the village.”
“Hot is fleeting, but funny lasts forever.”
“And you might want to get over it,” he says. “Bitter only poisons the bearer.”

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