Jill Alexander Essbaum “Hausfrau”

Well, well, well. Hausfrau. This book was tough to get into, but about half-way through it started to captivate me. The “plot” picked up, had me gasping at some key points, and also made me angry.

I’m not sure what changed. Either I became accustomed to Jill Alexander Essbaum’s writing, or the writing became better. The beginning is tough to get into because the writing is a bit spacey and difficult to follow. Especially when she describes the different trains and times. Towards to end, everything falls into place in a nice flow.

And wow, what a way to end. Didn’t care about my feelings there, did ya now? It’s all good. I think. I’ll just go cry.

“A face seen out of context creates confusion. And most paranoiacs have reason to be.” pg. 170

“Hours are arbitrary. A minute may endure a thousand years. And an event can occur in an instant.” pg. 292

“Think of your life as a long line of dominoes, yes? A chain of days and years. Every domino is a choice…our lives are cause and effect. Even the smallest choices matter. One domino hits the other, and then the next and the next.” pg. 309

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