Wednesday Listens E04

Fourth installment of Wednesday Listens underway. Going to present you with some newer sounds this week that you should DEFINITELY give a listen to.

Our lovely lead singer of Killers is going solo (again). I debated whether posting “Can’t Deny my Love” but settled on “Still Want You.” Brandon Flowers presents us with an albeit Killers sounding song that uses a great mixture of vocals, beats, and synth sounds. The vocals remind me of “Read My Mind” but the female back-up singers gives it a new 60s twist. Keep in mind, this isn’t the first time Flowers has gone solo. In 2010 he came out with his album Flamingo. It just seems – at least to me – that his solo career is more pronounced five years later.

Two underexposed artists, STS & RJD2, collaborate together to create beautiful sounds. Throughout the album RJD2 lays down a nice electronic base to STS’ rapping skills. Decided to share “Doin’ It Right” because I simply love the beat and whistling. Prepare to head bop to this one.

Lastly I decided on some Tame Impala even though this song has been around for a few months now. “Let It Happen” is a great single that doesn’t disappoint. Tame Impala uses their familiar sounds of psychedelic beats, synths and scary John Lennon vocals. Sometimes you just gotta let it happen.

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