Sue Monk Kidd “The Secret Life of Bees”

This book is beautiful. Knowing I never read it in school, I think it should be mandatory.

I really can’t do it justice by explaining what happens, really you just need to find a copy of the book yourself and read it. Nevertheless, in sum it’s a coming-of-age story about Lily Owens, who finds herself running away from home. From there, she learns that the way she’s been seeing the world is incorrect, and the perspective has only been taught to her. The novel also deals with the power of females, and the strength they live with.

“The whole time we worked, I marveled at how mixed up people got when it came to love.” pg. 133

“You know what? You think too much. It would do you a world of good to stop thinking and just go with your feelings once in a blue moon.” pg. 155

— Now the above quote is about me. I think WAY too much. It is the worst to think constantly. And you sit there, and you begin to THINK about why you can’t stop thinking, and live like others around you. The worst.

“I watched him, filled with tenderness and ache, wondering what it was that connected us. Was it the wounded places down inside people that sought each other out, that bred a kind of love between them?” pg. 184

If these two didn’t end up eventually, I’ll be upset.

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