Wednesday Listens E06

Get to it.

I had the pleasure of seeing X Ambassadors open up for Imagine Dragons in March 2014. Once they opened up, I knew I would be seeing more of them – which we kind of did last summer (not just this summer) when OITNB used “Jungle” Their use of synths and vocals make them a strong electronic group. Instead of presenting you with that one single (Renegades) you’ve seen Jeep use for the whole summer, I thought I would let you know they have some other great music too that you should listen to.

While technically not a new song, I wish RAC had more exposure (be sure to follow his Facebook for weekly caturday photos). Man. The riff in this song is sick and sticks with me. I’m glad RAC used Kele for the main vocals, his voice suits the foundation. Not related, I love the male actor in this video, he’s totally cute, has the right facial expressions, and plays the part well. Definitely did not listen to this on repeat walking around campus. . .

*video not recommended for those with weak stomachs as she’s a Hannibal Lecter type character*

Another solid guitar riff from Two Door Cinema Club paired with a cute music video. And the lyrics are on point. Was he thinking of me. It’s a pop-y alternative sound, but gets your toes a-tapping.

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