Wednesday Listens E24

So I may not have posted for a couple of weeks. Apologies. SO I make it up with three stellar picks that have been playing nonstop this week.

Here I am sitting in my car, ALTNATION on the radio when this beauty starts playing. I mean, Nothing But Thieves, please to meet you. Your lyrics are on point. I love how the sounds travel back to some good classic rock. They remind me of Muse with the muffled vocals, with a hint of The Strokes with the beginning guitar riff (sounds like Reptilia in a way). This number will be on repeat for the week.

Also, the video is artistically beautiful.

Catchy beat with this remix. ODESZA brings more layers to ZHU’s song, and creates a nice song to put on when you just want to zone out.

Love this remix of West Coast. No. Other. Words.

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