Music is so important in our lives. As someone who overthinks, music allows me to express my thoughts in a way that I cannot.

Next songs are chosen based on their depth of lyrics and the ways it allows the following artists to express themselves.

Recently discovered this amazing Aussie, Chet Faker (Nicholas Murphy). The bearded beauty is only 27? And writing skills are superb. How I would describe the music Chet Faker puts out is electronic bluesy (if that makes sense). Slower temp, with a good base track. Besides this lyrical masterpiece, check out “Gold” and anything he’s paired up with Flume.

1975 are back with more of an 80s feel for their second album. Lot poppier than their debut album, more use of colour and faster tempos. “Ugh!” is a good number,  and can be interpreted in numerous ways. Is he talking about unrequited love? Perhaps, but I think Matthew Healey is discussing his experience with drugs >> “The kick won’t last for long.”
They will be on SNL this Saturday with Larry David! It should be pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Okay the two previous songs do no justice compared to Leon Bridges. Oh oh oh, have you heard him? Love the Motown vibes. I’m perfectly speechless because his voice, wow. It does not feel like a song from 2016, ya know?

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