Orphan Black “Transgressive Border Crossing” Recap


Fourth season of Orphan Black is still going strong with the second episode entitled “Transgressive Border Crossing.” After Mika warned Sarah that the neolutionists knew where Sarah was hiding, Sarah packs up the fam jam and heads home.

From there, the episode mainly focuses on Sarah continuing Beth’s investigation on the neolutionists, and exactly what they are doing with a) the clones b) those creepy bugs in people’s cheeks *by far the cringiest thing this episode.*


We still get to see our favourite other clones and what they are up to. Alison very much wants to move on from the clone business, Cosima is taking treatment but looks far too ill, and Helena gets an ultrasound discovering that she will be having not one baby BUT identical twins. On top of our clones, we see our favourite apron-wearing, painting Felix who updates Sarah that he is looking for his biological family. This of course offends Sarah, as is symbolizes Felix is moving on from his foster family. Felix even makes the comment that they aren’t his family, it’s Sarah’s family.

On a personal note, fourth season of Orphan Black takes me back to fourth year and to my Risk Communications seminar. I had the luck of having my seminar on the subject of cloning, so naturally I used it as a way to bring Canadian Content to my peers. While Orphan Black is an extreme case of clones, cloning is still happening in our society today with projects in the development. For instance, scientists have the genome sequence for Neanderthals and are flirting with the idea of bringing a Neanderthal into existence. They also have DNA for the Woolly Mammoth. Just. Think. About. That.

Okay, enough nerd content for one day.


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