Adventures of a 2k15 Grad; Interviewing

Update: Although previously titled “Interview Tips for the 2k15 Grad,” this is more so of a running commentary of one interview experience, and does not actually provide the reader with concrete tips for improving their interview skills.

If you had to pick one, would you rather go through your G Test or sit through an interview? Although interviews can be on the scary side, they are helpful for both the company and the individual.

Well, today I had an interview for a job I thought was perfect. Turns out the job was misadvertised, and the place was sketch. I will not disclose names for sake of their “reputation” but the first clue to how fake this was, was that the company name they provided me was not on the outside of the building. They went by a different name.

Tip One: If the company gives you one name but the building shows another, chances are they are re-branding for sake of bad reputation with the previous name.

After struggling to find their office, I entered a small room with questionable paint colours. I sat there well past my interview time, when a scuzzy man led me to his office.

Tip Two: If you are feeling bad vibes with the person, then they probably won’t go away in the future. Remind yourself this: if you aren’t comfortable now, will you be later?

After going through the basics, he proceeded to show me how I would be paid, by means of a pie chart. A PIE CHART!

Tip Three: Pie Charts are never a good sign, and indicate the job is by commission, not salary.

Leaving the building I knew this was not the job for me, and that’s it, I call it a job. Not the “career” that they advertise. If there’s one thing about this “Marketing Firm” is that they sure know how to market themselves, albeit false.

False Advertising

This review of their old name shows the false advertising that have led people to the company. If you are great at sales by all means, go for it, but I’m angry with how they misled me to an interview with the position name I was going to be hired for.

This experience is a minor bump in the road, but has not discouraged me. An experience is an experience, right? I know that down this path I will be ending up somewhere I love.

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