Dean Koontz “Odd Apocalypse”

Odd Thomas is quite possibly my favourite character. As this if the fifth Odd Thomas book in the series, I was not disappointed. This book is more supernatural (I know right, how can that be when Odd sees ghosts) than the rest, and has many crazy elements.

Carrying off from Odd Hours, Annamarie and Odd find themselves at Roseland estate (built by a Roaring 20s Hollywood Film Maker). In typical Odd Thomas fashion, he finds himself discovering the secrets of Roseland and the terrors hidden within the gates. The mystery is posed to Odd Thomas after he confronts the ghost of a woman riding a beautiful horse, the woman appearing to have been shot three times.
IMG_20150602_171154As always:

“Without faith to act as a governor, the human mind is a runaway worry generator, a dynamo of negative expectations. And because your life is yours to shape as you wish with free will, if you entertain too much anxiety about too many things, if you place no trust in providence, what you fear will more often come to pass.” pg. 74

“What does worry accomplish except to breed more worry?” pg. 441

Adding to my collection of Dean Koontz novels, it is clear that the concept of “free will” is becoming an interest to Koontz that he can’t let go.

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