Wednesday Listens E08

This is essentially a Wally de Backer (AKA Gotye) theme week, because hey, the man is super talented.

Now before you think “oh is she just going to have ‘Somebody That I Used to Know'” song?” One: I was considering it. Two: Well I’m going to have other songs ’cause I want to show you some of his other songs that will have you going “WOW I SHOULD HAVE GIVEN THIS MAN A SHOT”

Fun fact. Wally de Backer is part of “The Basics” A stellar band that experiments with guitar, drums, vocals, and have impact-ful lyrics.

Love the video for this song. And his voice. And the lyrics. Oh plus the riff. And everything.

This a catchy poppy song from The Basics, much different sound from the previous song. Takes a more direct band-y song route (if that’s a thing?)

Super creepy video but I love it. The (I want to guess) flute is a great edition with the softer drums. Plus their suits are super adorbs.

Now before Indie88 continues making those “Find Gotye 2014” jokes again, he’s actually performing with The Basics and had an album release in AU on Aug. 14th (if you actually did your research…)


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