Wednesday Listens E10

Woah. How did we make it to ten weeks of this already? Theme for this week seems to be b/w videos mixed with some alternative indie. WHICH if you think about it. What classifies it as alternative?

Please hook me up to an IV to this song. That’s how much I am loving it. It’s been stuck in my head for days now. 1. Nothing creepier than a six year old girl wearing a dress and THOSE shoes spinning around in a grave yard. 2. So catchy.

What I love about this song is of course Jesse Rutherford’s voice. Just listen to him. Liking the drum beat for this song mixed with the synth sounds. Nice to hear The Neighbourhood back with a solid single.

Casting for this is intriguing; very androgynous model featured in this video. No doubt you have heard “First” on the radio by Cold War Kids. I came across this band by mistake while searching for another song. My first listen to this band was “Lost that Easy,” which if you haven’t heard go do that now.

The main vocalist has a nice sound that’s different from most vocals you’ll hear.

Same direction here. The Kooks came out with this single back in October, yet I don’t think it’s gain the attention it deserves. Background vocals pair nicely with the beat. Gets your head-a-shaking.

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