Mr. Robot eps1.2d3bug.mkv

mr_robot_ep3The file format “mkv” is a sneaky little inclusion on this title sequence. mkv are multimedia formats that can include audio, visual, and subtitles. Make sense? Yep, because our strange little character Tyrell Wellick and his wife are shown speaking with subtitles for us English folk (him Swedish, her Danish).

This episode picked up from the last. We finally get to see into the life of Tyrell Wellick which was eye-opening. We see his strange behaviours and how he is willing to do just about anything to move up in EvilCorp. He is a ruthless character that we will have to look out for.

The episode also continues with Elliot’s storyline of whether he will continue with fsociety. The deciding moment comes when he is faced with the resurgence of how engineers were affected by toxicity levels at EvilCorp plants. As you should remember from the end of episode two, this is how Elliot’s father passed – as he was diagnosed with Leukemia – and we now learn this is how Angela’s mother died. Can fsociety pull Elliot back in by reigniting his hatred towards EvilCorp?

This was an A+ episode.

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