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We made it to the finale, and oh boy were we left with questions. fsociety initiated their big hack, and it most certainly left people in trouble. Of course, the masses were happy because now they were living debt free… but for big corporations, they are now in deep shit.

Overall, this was a good opening season for Mr. Robot. Some episodes were super crazy with lots of information to process. There were many twists that I did not see coming, but there were also some parts in the series that were not so surprising (like Mr. Robot being a figment of his imagination).

It will be nice to see where they go with season two, as the audience is of course left on a cliffhanger.

It you are looking for an offbeat, smart show to bingewatch, Mr. Robot is the show for you.

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More spoilers in this review. I suggest watching this amazing series before proceeding.

mrrobotmirroringehhohhhhh calllled this from the beginning! Total Fight Club moment with Mr. Robot. Now, it was a big surprise when they dropped the whole “this is your dad” moment on us last episode at the last minute. This episode takes that major revelation, and runs with it. We learn that Elliot is not in a great frame of mind, and has had episodes like this before.

This particular episode deals with Darlene and Angela trying to find Elliot, after he obviously runs away. They finally discover him talking to himself at his father’s gravestone, moments after Elliot’s father tells him that they will only try to take him (Elliot’s dad) away from him (Elliot) again.

Everything is leading up the season finale. We are unsure just how long Elliot has been planning fsociety’s big plan to make everyone debt free.

On the other hand, Tyrell’s life is one big mess. His wife – fortunately – delivered the baby okay, but has decided she will be leaving Tyrell if he does not get things back in order. Tyrell has just been fired from E Corp, and the detectives are still on his case (rightfully so, as he did in fact kill her).

What a mess.


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Warning: This review will most definitely contain spoilers.

Damn. This episode was full of unraveling. DID NOT SEE that one coming at all. Elliot has a sister? And Darlene is this said sister? WHAT? Now this makes the beginning of the episode clear. Of course Angela and Darlene know each other, because they would have been childhood friends as well.

Now I think Elliot’s father – previously known as Mr. Robot now known as Elliot’s father – is still dead I reckon. Because Angela explained that they only knew each other out of support from losing their parents. Sooooo Elliot’s father must still be a figment of his imagination. I guess we’ll know for sure in the final two episodes, but I just can’t see him being alive.

In regards to Tyrell and his wife, boy are they something else, eh? Tyrell’s wife is super sly and I think even more psychotic than Tyrell. Possibly endangering the life of your unborn baby JUST TO protect Tyrell from the detectives? Man. That’s intense.



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mrrobotviewsourceThis episode made me angry, in a good way. It means that the characters are not one-dimensional. Rather, the characters are so well thought-out and constructed, that they piss you off. Namely the characters of Colby and Tyrell.

This episode focuses on Angela working on getting Terry Colby to admit he knew about the toxic levels. She offers him a deal, she will take responsibility for the AllSafe hack if he goes on trial. Of course this deal is not in favour for Angel. It will cost her her job at AllSafe, and will damage the reputation of AllSafe in the process. It is clear however, that she realizes this deal may just get Colby to talk.

Further into the episode, Tyrell continues to spiral out of control. His wife is some kind of evil genius, and encourages his strange antics. NEVERTHELESS Tyrell, you are in major trouble after that accidental choking situation. How the hell are you going to cover this one up?

Meanwhile, Elliot returns to his therapist at the end of the episode. He says he has been lying to her the whole time. That he hasn’t been taken his medication, and uses his time to hack peoples’ lives. He then proceeds to tell Krista all of her darkest secrets he knows about from hacking, this of course scares her.

He’s lonely, and losing Shayla hasn’t helped. It’s also upsetting that her death is to the cause of Elliot. He asked if her dealer had Suboxone available. She told him she knew a guy that was “supposed to be an effing psychopath, but if [Elliot] wants, [she] would call him. [Elliot] might be worth a psychopath”  /awkward.

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mrrobot5What an intense episode this was. Last episode ends with Elliot discovering Shayla has been taken by her drug supplier’s gang. In order to help Shayla, Elliot must break Vera out of jail. A situation most difficult to hack.

Meanwhile, Angela begins uncovering the horrors within EvilCorp – remember that both her mom, and Elliot’s dad died from toxic levels in an E Corp factory. She brings more information to the lawyer who worked on the case twenty years ago. You can tell the lawyer is distraught as she adds scotch to her tea during the middle of the day.normal_mr106_2120Just a complete intense episode filled with emotion, and omg moments. The ending, although I don’t want to spoil it, is just so upsetting. The arc is nearing the top as the season begins to come to a close. The audience is witnessing Elliot’s life fall apart. Elliot has most definitely changed from the first episode. Just when you think he has a grip of everything and is in control, you can tell Vera is one step ahead. I’m not sure where Vera’s story is going, but I do hope he stays away from poor baby Elliot.tumblr_inline_nv3azhnsio1rxvybq_540

One of the highlights (and what seems to be looked over by other reviews) for this episode is the scene between Tyrell and Scott Knowels. As we all know, Tyrell is trying to move up to the position of CTO for E Corp. He plays games with every character, and uses manipulation to get what he wants.

However, it was nice to see Scott Knowels knowing exactly what Tyrell has been playing. Scott shutting this dream down is the best: Tyrell, I want you to accept the hard truth, right here, right now in front of me. You are not going to be CTO. I want to see that look wash over your face. It’s the only way I’ll know you’ll stop playing these silly, silly games. 

Good television makes me happy, even if it breaks my heart in the process.



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mr_robot_EP5This episode was stressful. Elliot & fsociety find themselves at Steel Mountain. Elliot smooth talks himself inside Steel Mountain for a “tour” and uses the opportunity to achieve what they set out to do.

The focus of this episode is to exploit the thing that sets people apart from each other. We see Elliot tear pour Bill Harper apart by saying he is nothing. Trudy fears medical emergencies in her marriage. Tyrell reduces the life of a waiter to a cockroach, merely existing. In Tyrell’s eyes, Elliot desires revenge for his father’s death. Tyrell clearly wants power and will do just about anything to get it.

There’s a moment where we see Mr. Robot fight with Darlene. I’m still holding on to the fact that he is Elliot’s daemon. It is in this case that I think it was a Fight Club moment in which Elliot was able to remove himself from the fight by believing it was someone else carrying his frustrations out.

Another solid episode using good camera work and distortion of sound.

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This was a pretty strange episode, but only because we had to witness Elliot going through withdrawal. Because of his withdrawal, we saw some pretty wild hallucinations like his fish talking.

The withdrawal was part of Elliot’s journey where he figured fsociety could destroy back-up files at Steel Mountain by accessing the climate control system. Slight snag in the plan, they have to physically be there. Ensue road trip music.

Meanwhile, Angela experiments with Ecstasy (and Shayla). She then decides to follow through with infecting AllSafe’s system with the disc given to her by Cisco (who we find out is Darlene’s ex). She uses Ollie’s work ID and computer so that the trace will come back to him and not her (obviously.)

Since Mr. Robot is a clever show, we are going to look at what exactly is a “daemon.” Strictly relating to computing, daemons refer to any background process. In Greek mythology it is “a supernatural being working in the background, with no particular bias towards good or evil.” Which begs to ask… Mr. Robot, are you Elliot’s daemon?

So far the show is leading up to this twist and if you are a good viewer who pays attention to the other members of fsociety, they do not interact with Christian Slater’s character. Mr. Robot seems to only communicate with Elliot.

“Daemons. They don’t stop working. They are always active. They seduce. They manipulate. They own us. And even though you’re with me, even though I created you, it makes no difference. We all must deal with them alone. The best we can hope for… The only silver lining in all of this… is that when we break through, we find a few familiar faces waiting on the other side.”

daemon definition from:
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mr_robot_ep3The file format “mkv” is a sneaky little inclusion on this title sequence. mkv are multimedia formats that can include audio, visual, and subtitles. Make sense? Yep, because our strange little character Tyrell Wellick and his wife are shown speaking with subtitles for us English folk (him Swedish, her Danish).

This episode picked up from the last. We finally get to see into the life of Tyrell Wellick which was eye-opening. We see his strange behaviours and how he is willing to do just about anything to move up in EvilCorp. He is a ruthless character that we will have to look out for.

The episode also continues with Elliot’s storyline of whether he will continue with fsociety. The deciding moment comes when he is faced with the resurgence of how engineers were affected by toxicity levels at EvilCorp plants. As you should remember from the end of episode two, this is how Elliot’s father passed – as he was diagnosed with Leukemia – and we now learn this is how Angela’s mother died. Can fsociety pull Elliot back in by reigniting his hatred towards EvilCorp?

This was an A+ episode.

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review2Second episode aired on Showcase last night. Not as powerful as the premiere, but was still good to lay down a foundation. Episode focused on what to do with his drug dealer’s supplier. Should Elliot bring him down, if this means he has to sacrifice his access to morphine?

This episode was good for experimenting with cinematography and sound. Lots of the framing was Continue reading

Mr. Robot:

reviewpicIn case you didn’t know me, I’m pretty big on television. If you are ever in a conundrum and need a suggestion, hit me up. Oh my love for clever televisions shows is so strong. And what do I discover this summer? Mr. Robot. Now, at the moment I’m currently watching on a weekly basis off of Showcase, but I may being to bingewatch while I can off of AMC because WOW. Continue reading