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mrrobot5What an intense episode this was. Last episode ends with Elliot discovering Shayla has been taken by her drug supplier’s gang. In order to help Shayla, Elliot must break Vera out of jail. A situation most difficult to hack.

Meanwhile, Angela begins uncovering the horrors within EvilCorp – remember that both her mom, and Elliot’s dad died from toxic levels in an E Corp factory. She brings more information to the lawyer who worked on the case twenty years ago. You can tell the lawyer is distraught as she adds scotch to her tea during the middle of the day.normal_mr106_2120Just a complete intense episode filled with emotion, and omg moments. The ending, although I don’t want to spoil it, is just so upsetting. The arc is nearing the top as the season begins to come to a close. The audience is witnessing Elliot’s life fall apart. Elliot has most definitely changed from the first episode. Just when you think he has a grip of everything and is in control, you can tell Vera is one step ahead. I’m not sure where Vera’s story is going, but I do hope he stays away from poor baby Elliot.tumblr_inline_nv3azhnsio1rxvybq_540

One of the highlights (and what seems to be looked over by other reviews) for this episode is the scene between Tyrell and Scott Knowels. As we all know, Tyrell is trying to move up to the position of CTO for E Corp. He plays games with every character, and uses manipulation to get what he wants.

However, it was nice to see Scott Knowels knowing exactly what Tyrell has been playing. Scott shutting this dream down is the best: Tyrell, I want you to accept the hard truth, right here, right now in front of me. You are not going to be CTO. I want to see that look wash over your face. It’s the only way I’ll know you’ll stop playing these silly, silly games. 

Good television makes me happy, even if it breaks my heart in the process.



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