Wednesday Listens E26

I’ve been trying to figure out the direction I wanted E26 to take. I’ve decided, like always, indie alternative was the way to go, with a focus on Canadian musicians (#CanCon represent).

I’ve heard “Oh Cecilia” on the radio a few times, and kept meaning to write the band down as I could never find it when I searched later on. Man oh man is this song catchy and has a great sound to it. Like Kathy Byers, this song is a good tune to dance to. It has a smooth sound to it, and has an intoxicating feel too.

What adds to the fun? Kathy Byers is a dancing crossing guard in Toronto, and Born Ruffians are from MIDLAND. That’s right, Midland, Ontario. Some good ‘ol Canadian boys, no wonder I love their sound.

The Zolas are another favourite Canadian band, and I always find comfort in their music. This is a nice track that brings homage to Toronto. The Zolas always have strong lyrics with multiple meanings.

Down for getting dark cause the dark gets me//And all the other lovers make it so heavy//Takes a little emptiness to feel complete//When crowds come ever-thicker and liquor it comes free

You may have already heard “Swooner” on the radio, I know Indie88 has been playing it. It’s the title track off the album, and it’s also pretty swooooonish. Don’t you just hate it when someone swoons you? Swoon, what a good word.

Ahhh I have a mild crush on Half Moon Run. Their guitar strumming and plucking is seriously so in line with their tight drumming. Like The Zolas, Half Moon Run also has solid lyrics with deep meaning. I just can’t help but be in love with their second album.

Thank God for good music, eh? It really does keep me going, which is why I share it so often.

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