Wednesday Listens E27

This week only features two tracks. But, two amazing tracks.

I like to stay ahead of the music curb, so call me a music snob if you will. But let the record show I am showing you this band before they are big. Kaleo are going to be huge, and I am so looking to see their success. Indie folk band from Iceland. Some songs give off a Lumineers feel, others remind me of Bon Iver. They are without a doubt, musically talented. VOCALS are very pleasing.

One of my favourite memories is seeing these cuties at the Opera House two years ago! The small venue made their sound even bigger and more intimate. The crowd that was also there were truly there for the music, so it was a nice scene. KONGOS are a group of brothers, who have lived in South Africa for most of their life. However, were born in London, and are now based in Phoenix, Arizona! They have a good, alt sound, and aren’t afraid to bring the accordion into play. One of my fave songs off Lunatic is “I Want to Know.” Because, who doesn’t want to know?

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