Music on the Rise

These are the following bands and musicians I’m predicting will be featured on (mainstream) radio this upcoming year. Have your first listen here, then tell all your friends that Victoria Chiasson directed you to the beautiful sounds.

Sunset Sons
Mixture of UK & Australia hometowns, they are based in Hossegor, France. They classify their music as rock, but listeners will recognize the Kings of Leon vibes present. The following song “Medicine” starts strong, and includes some stellar vocals. Video features great shots of facial hair.


Jarryd James
From Australia comes Jarryd James and his single “Do You Remember.” First off, the beat grabs your attention and hooks you in. Next comes the raw emotion from James. Paired with a great video that experiments with the different angles of light, this will be on repeat for the week.


I’m really hoping for the best with this duo based out of Silverdale, England. If you don’t feel anything from this song, man you are a rock. You may recognize this song from the trailer of Camp X. The vocals alone are hauntingly beautiful. There really are no other words that can describe the wave of feelings this song will have on you.


The Zolas
While The Zolas have been around since 2009, I have not seen them receive the recognition that they deserve. The Zolas are an indie rock band based out of Vancouver. (QUICK STORY: I initially came across them by discovering Lotus Child, then discovering Lotus Child broke up, and that Zachary Gray & Tom Dobrzanski went on to form The Zolas.) My hope is that their new single, “Molotov Girls,” will catch on, allowing audiences to realize that a mixture of tempos can be featured in one song, and that synth is underrated. Be sure to check out “Knot in my Heart” and “Observatory” also!


The Beach
This group is a bit more secretive online, which is totally okay, I always love the challenge. From my best guess, they formed in 2014ish (went online January 2015) and are based out of London. “Thieves” is a strong first single, with a classic mixture of folk, indie, rock elements. Towards the end sounds a bit like Ben Howard, but regardless I’m looking forward to where The Beach heads! Second single entitled “From Above” also deserves a listen.

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