Wednesday Listens E06

Get to it.

I had the pleasure of seeing X Ambassadors open up for Imagine Dragons in March 2014. Once they opened up, I knew I would be seeing more of them – which we kind of did last summer (not just this summer) when OITNB used “Jungle” Their use of synths and vocals make them a strong electronic group. Instead of presenting you with that one single (Renegades) you’ve seen Jeep use for the whole summer, I thought I would let you know they have some other great music too that you should listen to.

While technically not a new song, I wish RAC had more exposure (be sure to follow his Facebook for weekly caturday photos). Man. The riff in this song is sick and sticks with me. I’m glad RAC used Kele for the main vocals, his voice suits the foundation. Not related, I love the male actor in this video, he’s totally cute, has the right facial expressions, and plays the part well. Definitely did not listen to this on repeat walking around campus. . .

*video not recommended for those with weak stomachs as she’s a Hannibal Lecter type character*

Another solid guitar riff from Two Door Cinema Club paired with a cute music video. And the lyrics are on point. Was he thinking of me. It’s a pop-y alternative sound, but gets your toes a-tapping.

Wednesday Listens E05

Fifth “episode” is here. I have some nice folky tunes for your glorious day ahead. Turns out they all have to do with fire as well. Makes sense since today is suppose to be one hell of a day. (ha i’m so lame.)

What a cutie Vance Joy is. Vance Joy has a way with words that cause you to be caught up with the song, which is most definitely a good thing. Any artist who is able to have this pull over you is good in my books.

Rolling Stones’ song “Fire” is too short for my liking. The guitar riff keeps this song solid and makes me want more. I also have to loop this twice five times.

Finally this is one of my favourite songs by Kasabian. One: Vocals vocals vocals. If you haven’t figured it out, I love some good vocals. Next, mix of tempos are important. This song works because it has found a balance between that slow tempo and then is able to bring the tempo up without being off putting. Finally, there’s something about the lyrics with this song that hooks you in. Check out other Kasabian songs. Off of this album – West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum – in particular, I really like “Where Did All the Love Go?”

Until next week.

Wednesday Listens E03

This week has bit of a theme. Circa late 2000s in fact + some other themes you can use your head to figure out.

Oh The Tragically Hip. (that band everyone’s prof always talked about — or just mine?). Enjoy their 2006 single “In View” while you reminisce about that old crush, current crush, or just a person you’ve been meaning to call.

Bloc Party will forever have a special place in my heart. Intimacy is by my favourite album from them, mainly because the album flows with each song. “Flux” has a great beat and features my favourite word. Just say it with me “flux” sigh, doesn’t that feel good? It’s the x at the end (I swear I’m not crazy.)

Kings of Leon have those rough vocals you lust over. Just going to leave this song here and say no more.

Wednesday Listens: Edition 01

Each week I will present you with three tracks that you should keep on replay for the weekend. Welcome to the first edition of “Wednesday Listens.”

This is a solid track from Beck. I remember scoping through my dad’s music and seeing albums from Beck, but nothing stuck with me. I feel that it has been this past year that his music has grown on me. Morning Phase had some noteworthy tracks including his single “Blue Moon.”
After listing to “Dreams,” I’m excited to see where his new album goes!

Awe yeah. Who can forget our American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert? Say what you will, but come on, this track is hella catchy. Unfortunately it’s paired with a video that makes you want to look away due to the amount of flashing images.

Country? Pop? ELECTRONIC? I’m confused yet can’t stop listening.

Music on the Rise

These are the following bands and musicians I’m predicting will be featured on (mainstream) radio this upcoming year. Have your first listen here, then tell all your friends that Victoria Chiasson directed you to the beautiful sounds. Continue reading