Wednesday Listens E03

This week has bit of a theme. Circa late 2000s in fact + some other themes you can use your head to figure out.

Oh The Tragically Hip. (that band everyone’s prof always talked about — or just mine?). Enjoy their 2006 single “In View” while you reminisce about that old crush, current crush, or just a person you’ve been meaning to call.

Bloc Party will forever have a special place in my heart. Intimacy is by my favourite album from them, mainly because the album flows with each song. “Flux” has a great beat and features my favourite word. Just say it with me “flux” sigh, doesn’t that feel good? It’s the x at the end (I swear I’m not crazy.)

Kings of Leon have those rough vocals you lust over. Just going to leave this song here and say no more.

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