Wednesday Listen E11

British Invasion seems to be the theme with this one. Here I present you with music from three decades all featuring UK artists.

Don’t be hating on The Beatles. They are by far a revolutionary band, do not deny this fact. One of the few bands that can get away with changing their sound with each new album they released. We go from the Fab Four from the sixties, to rougher sounds heading into the 70s. Then we had our experimental phases dipping into their play on the use of Sitar, as well as those LSD psychedelic days.

Adam Ant is my guilty pleasure. The beat is sick, and he has amazing tunes to dance ridiculously too. Good Two Shoes is by far my favourite track, as just look at me — such a goody two shoes. Check out Stand and Deliver for some great use of overlapping vocals.

And of course bringing it up to date, some Arctic Monkeys. Did you know that they became famous in North America by people pirating their music? Yep. By others recording their music and posting it, it allowed Arctic Monkeys to gain exposure in North America — just a tidbit.


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