Doctor Who “The Witch’s Familiar” Recap

So much happier with last night’s episode! Finally picked up, and showed more depth with the characters. We also finally see more flawless acting on Michelle Gomez’s part, by her showing the true colours of The Master. MOREOVER we see Twelve display the Doctor’s Curse: compassion.

In sum, this episode is the conclusion for the two-parter, which means it has to tie up in what the Doctor will do for young Davros in the battle-field. Does he kill the young child, or save him? In present time, the Doctor is shown comforting a dying Davros. Davros asks Twelve if he has been a good man (a common theme in Doctor Who). Was Davros a good man in creating the Daleks? The Doctor does not provide him with a solid answer, but shows compassion towards him in his final moments.

0x600Davros wishes to see the sun one last time, but cries out to the Doctor that he does not have enough strength to open his eyes. The Doctor feels sorry, so decides to use some of his regeneration power to fuel Davros. Needless to say, this has been Davros’ trick all along, and traps the Doctor in transferring his regeneration power to rejuvenate Davros AND the Daleks.

It’s clear that this series will focus heavily on the Daleks.

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