Mr. Robot: eps1.43xpl0its.wmv

mr_robot_EP5This episode was stressful. Elliot & fsociety find themselves at Steel Mountain. Elliot smooth talks himself inside Steel Mountain for a “tour” and uses the opportunity to achieve what they set out to do.

The focus of this episode is to exploit the thing that sets people apart from each other. We see Elliot tear pour Bill Harper apart by saying he is nothing. Trudy fears medical emergencies in her marriage. Tyrell reduces the life of a waiter to a cockroach, merely existing. In Tyrell’s eyes, Elliot desires revenge for his father’s death. Tyrell clearly wants power and will do just about anything to get it.

There’s a moment where we see Mr. Robot fight with Darlene. I’m still holding on to the fact that he is Elliot’s daemon. It is in this case that I think it was a Fight Club moment in which Elliot was able to remove himself from the fight by believing it was someone else carrying his frustrations out.

Another solid episode using good camera work and distortion of sound.

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