Doctor Who “Under the Lake” Recap

oooooh. Doctor Who returned to a good classic Who episode. Had my heart racing, hand to mouth, gasping and general feel of emotions.

I think this is a better episode than the first two episodes of Series Nine, because there is a good storyline present (shots fired at Steven Moffat). The monster featured in this two-parter is actually scary and something we have not seen before. The ghosts remind me of the weeping angels given that they can appear at any moment. The episode also succeeds as I already feel attached to the characters (when Lunn is approached by that ghost with a wrench… oooh boy that had me going).

The TARDIS brings Clara and the Doctor to the year 2119 where an underwater mining facility has gone under siege from what appears to be ghosts caused by the unearthing of an empty black spaceship. The ghosts begin killing off the crew one by one.

The episode is well-written, and features strong characters like Cass & Lunn. It is nice to see Doctor Who making an effort to include characters with disabilities. It’s also nice that Cass is not seen as a victim in this episode; rather she’s a person who happens to be deaf — big difference.

Strong episode all around, looking forward to the conclusion next week!

“Every time I think it can’t get more extraordinary it surprises me. It’s impossible. I hate it. It’s evil, it’s astonishing. I want to kiss it to death!”

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