Mr. Robot eps1.6v1ew-s0urce.flv

mrrobotviewsourceThis episode made me angry, in a good way. It means that the characters are not one-dimensional. Rather, the characters are so well thought-out and constructed, that they piss you off. Namely the characters of Colby and Tyrell.

This episode focuses on Angela working on getting Terry Colby to admit he knew about the toxic levels. She offers him a deal, she will take responsibility for the AllSafe hack if he goes on trial. Of course this deal is not in favour for Angel. It will cost her her job at AllSafe, and will damage the reputation of AllSafe in the process. It is clear however, that she realizes this deal may just get Colby to talk.

Further into the episode, Tyrell continues to spiral out of control. His wife is some kind of evil genius, and encourages his strange antics. NEVERTHELESS Tyrell, you are in major trouble after that accidental choking situation. How the hell are you going to cover this one up?

Meanwhile, Elliot returns to his therapist at the end of the episode. He says he has been lying to her the whole time. That he hasn’t been taken his medication, and uses his time to hack peoples’ lives. He then proceeds to tell Krista all of her darkest secrets he knows about from hacking, this of course scares her.

He’s lonely, and losing Shayla hasn’t helped. It’s also upsetting that her death is to the cause of Elliot. He asked if her dealer had Suboxone available. She told him she knew a guy that was “supposed to be an effing psychopath, but if [Elliot] wants, [she] would call him. [Elliot] might be worth a psychopath”  /awkward.

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