Doctor Who “Before the Flood” Recap

904_31405Finally got around to watching the conclusion to “Under the Lake,” which left viewers wondering how the Doctor was going to save himself from becoming a ghost, and stopping the remaining crew members from being killed off. Although some of the solutions were a bit reaching, the episode was well-scripted and Bennett’s character deserves props for TWO amazing speeches. First, by facing the Doctor after SPOILER not saving O’Donnell’s character. Second speech was telling Lunn to declare his love for Cass *cuteness overload*.

904_41941Will you translate something to Cass for me? Tell her that you’re in love with her and you always have been. Tell her there’s no point in wasting time, ‘cause things happen and then it’s too late. Tell her I wish someone had given me that advice.”

It was a good episode in a long time. I have enjoyed Toby Whithouse’s writing for these two episodes. The Fisher King’s monster was a good inclusion, the “Bootstrap Paradox” backed up the episode, and the characters had depth.

The Bootstrap Paradox is a casual loop in time-travel. A past event features a future event, but it is only after seeing it in the past that you know you can do it in the future. As I saw from someone on Tumblr, they used the example of The Prisoner of Azkaban. Harry Potter was able to project the patronus to save Sirius and himself, because he saw it done in the past. Get it? (Although the person left out that he thought it was his dad bla bla bla but it still works).


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