Master of None

So as any good person would do, I binged watched Master of None this weekend. I felt that Master of None was a great summary of Modern Romance, and featured many of the same topics in the book.

Master of None follows Dev (played by Aziz Ansari) living his 30s in New York City. The title of this show does a good job to speak about how most will feel about life. “Master of None,” we don’t really know what we are doing while living. We make our way through life trying our best to survive what comes at us.

This show dealt with many topics that I feel are avoided in mainstream television. We look at relationships – AND ACTUAL relationships – what the protocol is about messaging, dating, etc. Feminism is another topic covered, this episode was well written and did an excellent job comparing the lives between men and women living. Aziz Ansari has commented before that he is a feminist with help from his current girlfriend. Race is also addressed and is the main subject for one of the episodes. Other episodes deal with relationships with parents, seniors, food, etc.

Overall this series is refreshing! I enjoyed many of the jokes, LOVED the shoutout to Cumberbatch, and just feel it has a realistic take on living.


Now Netflix, doooo we actually have to wait a year for season 2?

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