Music is the one thing keeping me sane. It’s a very important aspect in my life, and apparently I have crafted a Wes Anderson style theme this week. Can he direct my life?

Father John Misty and “Real Love Baby” feels so good to listen to. There’s a nice relaxing tone to the piece, and the lyrics are also nice to sing along to. In a way, it is like “Here Comes the Sun,” somewhat up that alley? I think it’s because of the layering of guitar and vocal feedback.

Kaleo is just a good rock band to jam out to. They are in fact visiting Toronto the end of July, any takers for this concert? “No Good” is by far my fave track off of A/B. There’s a great guitar riff and the drumming is on point.

Came by this track off of Spotify, and I am so happy I did! Guitar is calming in this track along with the lyrics. His voice is oh so relaxing.


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