Doctor Who “The Girl Who Died” Recap


Let’s all appreciate that we had a Ten flashback. Doctor Who writers finally explained why Twelve’s face looks like the Caecilius’ from “The Fires of Pompeii.” I thought it was a nice touch to explain the resemblance, and work it into this week’s episode, and the importance behind it. It was the only scene in the episode that I truly appreciated.

Clara and the Doctor find themselves captured by Vikings. The Doctor thinks he’ll be clever when he pretends to be Odin, when from the sky the “real” Odin shows up. This Odin takes the best Viking warriors for himself. Turns out this “Odin” is the ruler of the Mire, and feeds off of Testosterone.

What you think is a one-off story, is actually part of a *gasp* two-parter. This is my only critique of Series Nine, as so far all the episodes have been two parters.

Then again, nice to see Maisie Williams.

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